Happy Thought: MY BOOK IS HERE!!!

Okay, lies: no pre-ordering has occurred, because guess what I have in my possession right now?


(They're actually contractual copies, which means that the publisher promises in the contract to give me a set number. They're intended as a part of your payment - also, so that when your grandma demands a signed copy of your book, you don't have to buy your own book to give it to her.) 

Wait, can we just take a minute to admire their beauty and marvel at the finishedness?

Those are my words! Inside of a book! I can put it on the shelf! And other people can take it down, and read it!

But what happened is kind of a funny story:

Here I was, in complete neurotic author mode, wondering if maybe the printing of Always Neverland was running late and hoping nervously that I would get to see a copy before release day. Today, someone told us that we had packages waiting for us at our old front door - you know, the one we moved out of in February? So, I immediately rush over, and there they were!!!

So, you know, I then loaded them all up in my car, and of course, I spent the rest of the day book-happy (it's the author's version of punch drunk). I keep resisting the urge to copies to complete strangers. So, instead, I've taken to carrying it around with me like a security blanket.

Not that you needed the evidence, but...
Today, it came with me to Starbucks, to the library, to the library, and to three clothing stores where I shopped for something to wear to a friend's wedding next weekend. (I'm pretty sure they call that flash marketing...)

Six more days, people! SIX!!

And it's so pretty!!!