Happy Thought: Big Sky Country

I'm visiting Montana right now - you know, the place where I lived when I wrote and revised the bulk of Always Neverland. This is one of my very favorite places to be.

It's shocking how pretty and photogenic it is. Brace yourselves for some gorgeous, non-Photoshopped pics, taken over the years:

Right there at the bottom, you can see me and my mom fishing.

Ignore the shot of my adorable brother (taken roughly 8 years ago).
Look at the landscape!

These next few show what a wintry Moonlight Basin looks like from their ski runs.

I kept annoying that adorable brother, because I stopped to take pics.

But I ask you: wouldn't you take pics if you saw this??

This is what it looks like from the top of the Big Sky/Moonlight Basin summit around New Year's, in case you're curious.

I took this with my phone camera while we were driving!!
Like I said, ridiculously photogenic.
In case you wondered what that shot might look like without snow.

This one, we took yesterday in Pray, MT.