Happy Thought: Adele

Okay, I know I'm not being very original with this one. Everyone has been squeeing over Adele since the release of her new album, 21.

But I can't get over her.

I mean, my little sister and I BOTH love her. She and I very rarely have the same taste in music, but we totally bonded the other night when we watched the video "Someone Like You" over and over and YouTubed a bunch of Adele interviews to allow us to fangirl some more.

(I have even heard my sister blasting this song in her room and singing along at full volume 5+ times this week.)

This is what I love most about her: Yeah, she won a couple Grammys with her first album. But did she rest on her laurels? Did she sit in her studio and create something just as good as her first work? Did she make more of the same?

No, she went, lived a little, and grew up some. And then she created even BETTER music.

I am astounded by her ability to make people feel. We call this tugging at heartstrings, but really, it's a gift. Not everyone can feel something so strongly that they can draw other people into the emotion.