Happy Thought: One Object Can Brighten A Room

I moved in a new apartment recently. Both my roommates are pretty awesome, but for a couple weeks, my room looked bleak and sad and extremely lacking in decorations.

But wait - what's that on my wall?

Tulip not included.
(I bought the flower at the grocery store on the way home.)
I found this at a flea market/crafts fair today! A one-vase wall hanging that makes my room feel more home-y.

The vendor/owner/craftswoman - Vintage Trifles - had a whole bunch of similar ones. One said: flower - another: bloom.

(I picked fleur (which means "flower" in French, btw), because it reminds me of my little sister. About this time last year, she was on her way to France.)

It'll be one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning, and that makes me happy. :-)