Happy Thought: Audiobooks

Okay, I know that this is a kind of a big category. But they are my NEW FAVORITE THING.

Of course, I wanted to share them with you.

I've stayed away from audiobooks for most of my life. I have to admit: I'm not the best listener in the world. And plus, I just like the feel of books - the texture of pages, the shape of the binding, the smell of paper.

But I found myself in a bit of a bind this month. I'm making some of my presents for Christmas this year, and they require sewing. (I know - Ashley, my main character, can't say. She tells the Lost Boys so several times. But I actually do it for fun. Ironic, huh?)

I can knit and read at the same time, but I can't sew and read at the same time. So, I sewed in the evenings instead of reading.

And I found that I totally missed reading.

I mean, I tried watching TV while I sewed, but that wasn't the same. Plus, I had to look away from the television while I worked, so I didn't take in all the details.

Which led me to audiobooks. Or more specifically, to the audiobook section of my library.

And I'm totally a fan now! It's bringing me back to the days when grown-ups used to read to me. A long time ago now, but still, it's pretty awesome. The actors hired to read the audiobooks do voices and everything, and even though I'm still not wonderful at listening (and often have to replay sections), it's really refreshing to hear someone else bring the books to life.

The pics will show you all the audiobooks that I've listened to this month, and I recommend them all highly. :-)

I confess, though: I'm only a fourth of the way through Chime. It's good so far, though!