Happy Thought: Morin

Her real name is Mae Brauer. She is my great-grandmother, and she turns ninety-eight today.


This is Morin on the night of my uncle's wedding a few years back - at about 3AM, she was still keeping the party going. (The weird floating hand in front belongs to me, btw. :-P)
Just a couple weeks ago, Morin told me over the phone that she found not one but TWO scorpions in her house. (She lives in Texas, by the way.) And she killed them both with her feet - in her house slippers. She may be a little old lady, but she's tough too. "Good thing they didn't sting me," she said. "I'm so old - it might have been the end of me."

That's right - she's morbidly funny too. (My favorite kind of funny!)

If you've read Always Neverland, then her name may sound familiar to you. It's on the dedication page. :-)

I'm still waiting on finished copies of the book, though - I was hoping that one might reach my mailbox early, so I could get it to Morin for her birthday. But two weeks isn't too long to wait though....