Happy Thought: GALLEYS!

Guess what I have??

Galleys!!! (As if you couldn't tell from the title of this post.)

On Friday, my editor's lovely assistant Katie messaged me: "Guess what I just sent you? Hint: they're purple and rhyme with tallies."

I was all like, "Purple...? Wha?"

And then I realized what she meant, and I've been obsessively checking the front stoop ever since. Yes, even on Sunday, when the mail doesn't come (hey, a girl can hope for a miracle when it comes to her first book baby).

(Note: they're purple, because the Harper design team is still hard at work on the cover.

AND because purple is pretty, was my favorite color when I was 9, and also works well for a galley that comes out just in time for Easter. :-D)

Then, today, I received a PACKAGE!! And I opened it with difficulty, because I was already doing a happy dance.

Now I have to figure out what I'm going to do with the three pretty ARCs now in my possession.

The first went to my parents, because THEY HAVEN'T READ IT YET.

There's a bubble of odd nervousness associated with that fact. Probably because they haven't read any full-length thing I've written for about 10 years. Besides, you know, college essays.

My mom will probably like it. My dad might not, but then again he was never a ten-year-old girl. Can't blame the poor guy for being ten BILLION steps removed from the target audience. (Sorry, Dad!)

Can I just say it again? One more time?


(Okay, that was three more times. I couldn't resist. :-P)

P.S./ETA: My mom has just started to read it. RIGHT NEXT TO ME. *enter mild panic attack here* But it's okay - because the book just made her laugh...